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Cold Hub Press ~ Doc Drumheller

parade of the dead

two well-dressed skeletons 

dance the fandango

desfile de muertos 

dos calacas bien vestidas 

bailan fandango

* * *

on days of the dead

I remember the faces 

of my two fathers

en el día de muertos 

recuerdo las caras 

de mis dos padres

© Doc Drumheller 2020

translation © Dylan Brennan 2020

image © Liliana Perez-Brennan

Doc Drumheller was born in Charleston,

South Carolina and has lived in New Zealand for more than half his life. He has worked in award-winning theatre and music groups and has published ten collections of poetry. His poems have been translated into more than twenty languages, and he has performed in Cuba, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, India, China, Nicaragua, USA, Mexico, El Salvador, and widely throughout New Zealand. He lives in Oxford, where he edits and publishes the literary journal Catalyst.

Publication date 2 December 2020


Doc Drumheller

ISBN: 978-0-473-54995-4

Softcover, 96 pp, 148 x 106mm