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Slow Fires

Love-Hate, Despair-Delight––

these elevated categories––


are never the stuff

                  of everyday life.

But this distrust of extremes

is not driving-with-the-brake-on.

It is not ‘lukewarm’.

It is not the flight from feeling

            that the strung might imagine.

It is the realm of Like

        & Quite-enjoy––fawn

        & beige to the young––

but Ah, slow fires,

        how much longer do they burn!

© Leonard Lambert 2024

Publication date: 1 May 2024

Leonard Lambert

Slow Fires

ISBN: 978-0-473-71156-6

Softcover, 44 pp, 210 x 148 mm

Cold Hub Press ~ Leonard Lambert

In this deft collection, Leonard Lambert confronts mortality with poems at once moving and artless. We walk with him down the long corridor of memory knocking at the occasional door: opening some and interrogating the interior, pausing thoughtfully before others, and––being the trickster poet he often is––knocking loudly at a few, then skipping away. There is a wistfulness here, a wryness, and, above all, the clarity that comes from a poet who has spent so long perfecting his craft. Slow Fires is a fine collection to read, warm your hands against, and savour. ––James Norcliffe

Leonard Lambert (1945) is the author of seven collections of verse spanning almost as many decades. His Selected Poems, Somewhere in August (Steele Roberts) appeared in 2016, and his most recent publication is a chapbook, Winter Waves (Cold Hub Press, 2018). He is a full-time painter who lives in Napier.